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Established in 1989 Unique Packaging has offered a wide range of creative new packaging concepts, whether your requirements are for the consumer, industrial or expert market we can supply the full range of packaging products. From custom made corrugated or carton board boxes to protective products like the unique air box that will not only allow your goods to arrive in the same condition as packed but also make an impact on the store shelf.

Our retail range not only includes the boxes but also floor standing displays point of sale counter displays, carrier bags as well as individual product protection. Our aim is to help reduce your packaging costs either through new product innovation or unique designs.

We supply a wide cross section of industries from manufacturers of Sweets & Confectionery, Food and Drink, Domestic Appliances, Toys, Computer products, Cosmetics and Clothes.

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Why Unique Packaging

A creative and innovative company that looks to improve your packaging options either through design or by using alternative materials.

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